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        1. 英語留學申請書6篇

          時間:2024-04-25 作者:tddiction 申請書




          dear x,

          my four-year research experience since the completion of my undergraduateprogram in 1997 has helped me to develop from a bachelor in engineering to amaster in science. my research activities cover a wide range of fields includinganalytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic catalysis, environmentalscience, instrumental analysis, nano-analytical chemistry, and biologicalanalytical chemistry. i am proud to say that i have accomplished achievements inalmost every of those fields. based on my research findings, i have published adozen research papers. in particular, i have received patents from the patentoffice of china for two major research results "the preparation method of asolid acid catalyst with high selectivity and activity for esterification" and"a new reaction technology and the equipment for gas phase esterification". bothof them have significant value in industrial application.

          nevertheless, i am acutely aware that, in the research fields i aminterested in, there are still so many difficult subjects and challengesawaiting for solution. in physical chemistry, china is relatively backward inthe fields of catalyst development, catalyst inactivation, reaction dynamics,reaction mechanism, geochemical reaction mechanism, environmental-chemicalreaction mechanism. in analytical chemistry, china lags relatively behind itswestern counterparts in areas such as instrumental analysis and theoreticalanalytical chemistry. basically, china relies on import for large-scaleanalytical instruments. by contrast, the united states has many world-leadingacademic specialists and encourages interdisciplinary programs. it will accordme a stimulating and liberal academic environment, apart from the sophisticatedresearch facilities. rice university is my top priority in applying for a ph.d.program and i choose to specialize in physical chemistry or in analyticalchemistry.

          at rice university, i plan to learn broader-based foundational theories inmy chosen fields. with my solid interdisciplinary knowledge and my ability forthe quick assimilation of new knowledge, i intend to secure for myself a rastatus to directly start my laboratory research under the guidance of my futureadvisor. i can also work as ta so that i can study while teaching and conductingmy internship. i can apply, test and consolidate the theoretical knowledge thati acquire in the process of internship and degree program. finally, throughtheoretical study and scientific research, i would endeavor to produce awell-written dissertation in which i hope to achieve some breakthroughs on boththe theoretical and the research level.

          after obtaining my ph.d. degree, i intend to enter one of the top researchinstitutes to delve deeper into some challenging subjects and to achieve someresearch fruits. after accumulating certain research experience at an actualresearch institute, i plan to return to china to work as a professor at aleading chinese university, a position which will enable me to train many moreacademic professionals in physical or analytical chemistry. at the same time, iwill also dedicate myself to turning my laboratory research results into yetmore patents and inventions, which can further be developed into products withpragmatic applications.

          during my studies in the united states, i will attempt at some detailedobservations of its capital market, the most mature of its kind in the world, toacquire some necessary knowledge in company management and capital operation.for ultimately my career objective is to establish my own company to manufacturemy own products, especially those environmentally-friendly chemical products,based on my patents and inventions.

          yours sincerely,

















          dear x,

          hello, thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule toread this application.

          my name is huang peng, from laiyang city no. 9 middle school, is the realno. 9 people, but now to be in front of the name of the review students.although the college entrance examination is not satisfactory, but at this timespeaking of their own identity, i am still willing to call themselves "ninepeople", these three words almost cover my entire youth, will accompany me tocontinue to go on. this time to review the identity of students to return to hisalma mater, tens of thousands of thoughts in my mind, high school three yearsdribs and drabs like movie clips like scenes in my mind playback, the originallofty ambitions seem to still reverberate over his alma mater, prolonged; theteachings of the teacher, the encouragement of friends in the time of grindingunder the enduring new, every surging in my heart.

          although i was young when i first entered my alma mater, i have becomemature, but i still can't calm down for a long time when i think of thatignorant time. with a vigorous heart, i began my high school life. perhaps it isthe two years of monitor career in junior high school that makes me look morecomposed, and may also be the result of the high school entrance examinationinto the teacher in charge of the "law eye", in short, i am very honored to beawarded the monitor responsibility, but also started my three years of monitorcareer.

          the class of grade one and grade two is a group of hot-blooded youth club,we long on ancient and modern chinese and foreign, inspiring words, comments onjiangshan, frivolous but tireless. under the influence of such a group ofvengeful confidants, under the teachings of knowledgeable teachers, my gradesalso began to improve steadily, and more importantly, my thoughts have since hadthe embryonic form -- i want to be strong! in the morning and night withteachers and students, i learned from each of them a little something, i learnedcalm, i know tolerance, i understand gratitude... each of them is a livingtextbook. i read them page by page, book by book. even though i no longer liveunder the same roof, i can still find out my "reading notes" to them veryquickly. in the process of growing up with everyone, i am also getting strongerand stronger - my grades have been sitting firmly in the top several "topseats", and my mind is becoming more and more mature.

          finally, i was promoted to senior three with excellent grades and entered abrand new class. although many things have to start all over again, i can easilyfit into the new class after coming from the first and second year of seniorhigh school. i always believe that as long as you pay your heart you can captureyour heart, so although only less than a year to get along with, but i and thestudents of high school are just like friends who have known each other for manyyears, intimate. we burn the midnight oil together, read hard together, workhard together, until finally rushed to the battlefield of the college entranceexamination, unfortunately, i failed to keep up with their pace. however, "theshort stay is for higher flying", one day, i will catch up with them, struggleside by side, write our nine people's brilliant!

          high school three years, i grew up, mature. i often like to compare myselfto a walker, who goes to a distance step by step. on this road of life, i don'twant to lag behind anyone, nor do i want to follow others. i want to walk out ofmy own way and leave my own unique figure. although i am a science student, ilike thinking about life quietly by myself very much. i am not afraid ofloneliness. some people say that loneliness is the person you face, and hisemotions are not the same frequency as yours. i agree with you very much, but idon't think i am lonely. no matter my friends who soar to great heights, or thepartners who "stay" with me, they are all my confidants. with them, i am notlonely.

          now although i still struggle on the road of the college entranceexamination, but the pure test high score is not my purpose. however, i reallywant to go to a famous university like yours. people are for the future andlive, i this is for the future!

          yours sincerely,


          dear_university teacher:

          hello! i am ___ and i am studying at ___. thank you for reviewing myapplication for studying abroad in your busy schedule.

          _university, with a galloping horse as its symbol, i hope that the studentscan "tighten the sky and dive into the abyss, and breathe into the river; thevast wilderness, one-time mercedes-benz", the broad and lofty pursuit makes meeager and fascinated. i aspire to be a student of _ university.

          because of my excellent ability in mathematics, i went to elementary schoolwhen i was 5 years old. in 20_, our family came to beijing and started my 8years of study in ___ school. over the past 8 years, __ has witnessed my bit bybit progress. before i came to beijing, i didn't know anything about english,but my alma mater was an international school, so my english made teachers andparents very anxious. later, with the help of my parents and teachers, i havebeen working hard to improve my english. now english has become one of mystrengths. when i was in the junior high school, my grades were not very good.after three years of unremitting efforts in junior high school, i finallyentered the high school experimental class of our school with a score of 523points in the high school entrance examination (the city's key line at thetime). in the first year of high school, my grades were at the forefront of theclass and grade. i participated in the haidian district mathematics, physics,and chemistry competitions, and won the national third prize in the 20thnational mathematics "hope cup" competition. after entering the second year ofhigh school, i maintained the first grade and first grade in all examinations(including monthly examination, mid-term final examination, weekly examinationof high school, and district unified examination), and the results of allsubjects in the entire high school grade were all a. i think that as long as youhave a serious attitude towards learning and always strive to surpass yourself,you will surely be successful. moreover, i can treat the exam rationally andcontinuously improve my learning ability, thus maintaining a stable and upwardstate. i will continue to maintain this state in my future study and life.

          i was born in a democratic and open family. both my parents are teachers,giving me a certain free development space, and focusing on cultivating mycomprehension ability, learning ability and practical ability, so that i canlearn to be independent. so when i encountered difficulties in life, study,communication and getting along with others, i thought of ways to solve themindependently, and became a class and grade leader in all aspects. due to thesubtle influence of my parents, i am very serious in doing things and i am usedto pursuing perfection. although it is impossible to be perfect, the attitudeand will to pursue perfection make me have an outstanding performance in studyand work.

          as shown in the school motto "_", my alma mater ___ school not only upholdsthe rigorous and pragmatic traditional education, but also promotes the militarymanagement of boarding schools and incorporates the openness and efficiency offoreign education. it is in this environment that i have a wealth of knowledge,diverse abilities, strong perseverance and a cheerful personality. in the __years of my study career, i have become more mature and stable, meticulous andthoughtful, and become a person who has excellent learning, is good at handlingall aspects of affairs, and has all-round development.

          i think i am a cheerful, confident and generous girl. i have been a classcadre since i was a child, serious and independent, and have strongorganizational and leadership skills. after entering high school, i was honoredto serve as the perimeter of the grade level, and i have been serving it up tonow. under my leadership, the students on duty carefully check the hygiene ofeach class and supervise the students' compliance with school rules anddisciplines. with our joint efforts, grade hygiene and discipline have beenhighly praised by the school. after the mid-term exams of the second semester ofthe second year, i took over as the monitor. i actively cooperated with theteachers and managed the class in an orderly manner. i have performed well inmany activities. in terms of discipline, our class is even in the middle of thegrade. the outstanding person of the school has won many honors of the school's"excellent class collective", and i have also been awarded the title of"excellent class leader" and "three good student" by the school and haidiandistrict. i have also spoken on behalf of many times, organized and presidedover several major events, and actively participated in various social practiceactivities and volunteer activities (approximately 120 hours in total). in theseprocesses, i exercised myself, improved my abilities in many aspects, andlearned how to learn and work efficiently to make myself more comprehensive.

          i like computer programming and creative production. when i was in juniorhigh school, i used to program code locks, answerers, countdown timers and otherworks, and i was fortunate to have published a related article. as a result ofparticipating in robotics, single-chip programming and work competitions andgetting excellent results, i got extra points for science and technology in thehigh school entrance examination.

          if i can enter the university, i will be able to understand the mindset of"tengtianqianyuan, shui nachuanhai; vast wilderness, a mercedes-benz" mind, iwill be very honored. i applied for the ___ major. i will definitely studyvarious courses seriously, and strive to become engaged in human resourcemanagement, corporate planning and design, advertising and marketing planning,investment and financial consulting, psychological consulting and treatment, andpsychology teaching and research and other high-quality compound professionals.and will strive to become a member of the student union, try to work during theholidays, enrich their experience, and develop themselves in an all-roundway.

          i implore the teachers in the admissions office of your school to accept myapplication. i will certainly not disappoint your expectations!




          dear professor xxxx

          due to the comprehensiveness of china’s “reform and open” policies, economics plays an increasingly important role in the development of its global position. though more and more companies built, management of companies cannot catch up with the development of the companies. management is a burgeoning field in china, so i hope i can acquire more modern knowledge on management in england.

          the roots of my strong interest in business can be traced back to my childhood. my father was among the first of china’s new breed of modern entrepreneurs. as a young girl, it was inspirational hearing about his business ventures, and meeting the varied and interesting circle of entrepreneurs. my mother was also involved in business as an accountant, helping him with simple calculations. and so it was early in my life that i hoped i, also, would someday be able to enter the realm of business.

          with the time of growing up, i preferred reading books to satisfy my curiosity. i never ceased to contemplate over the questions i encountered. subjects on business and management became a special fascination to me and my knowledge of psychology as well as interest in this field was increasing rapidly.

          as a high school student in china, i had to concentrate on the college entrance examination (cee), even so, books not related to the exams were never excluded from my life. unfortunately when sitting in the exam in june, 20xx, i was so nervous that i didn’t score well in the cee exam. i enrolled in the department of computer science in zhejiang college of traditional chinese medicine. any attempt to persuade myself to focus on my major turned out to be a failure at the beginning of my college life. after several terms, i realized that i would never be interested in being a programmer or an engineer. at that moment, i lost my direction and objectives. my persistence in reading saved me from the dark situation. as a matter of fact, i enjoyed reading the books included encyclopedia american, and some books about management by peter f.drucker. i began to notice something interesting: why some companies can produce more than others? why some company can sell more than others? why some companies can build up but others cannot when facing the same difficulties?

          with the questions in my mind, i started to read many relevant books. i was lucky to read the book “jack: straight from the gut”by jack welch, in which john a. byrne makes a clear illustration that the management is important for a company. when i was a junior, i ran a bookshop by myself near my school. i should manage not only the finance in the shop but also the employees in my shop even made some strategies to enlarge the business in my shop to hold on the run the shop. from this, my interpersonal skills and the capacity in business has been greatly developed, definitely i was increasingly interested in what i was doing. by december, 20xx, i had finally determined to take business management as my career instead of it. to accumulate more relevant knowledge, i strived to gain more practical work experience in some big companies.

          fortunately, as a senior, i began by conducting an internship in the architecture company in zhejiang province. over six months, i worked as an assistant of the manager to harmonize the relationship between the different departments in this company and to draft some management system, which broadened my perspective of management conditions and business performance in different industries. the experience showed me that management is much more important than that of i thought in big companies. after graduation, i continued my work in this company. in may, 20xx, the company offered me an opportunity to participate in an training program held by a famous management school. through in-depth discussions with teachers and students in the classes, they all encouraged me to pursue my future career in management field because of my intellectual ability and the brand new ideas i mentioned.

          during the short period of training, i realized that pursuing a higher degree in management is a wise choice for me now. lancaster, with its excellence in management, represents the perfect fit for my needs. in your challenging environment, i can build the required foundation of knowledge related to management to achieve my goals. i am firmly convinced that your admission will be my first step of success. with this in mind, i hereby submit my application, and await your favorable reply.


          dear x,

          the experience i gained while travelling and staying in various hotelspositively affected my final decision to choose the hospitality business as theindustry to realize myself and work in.

          since my childhood i have had an opportunity to develop myself bothphysically and intellectually. i am good at swimming and even won 3 citycompetitions. i am also keen on dancing where the 3rd place and the audienceprize at the belly dance contest .miss oriental 20xx. was my latestachievement. these skills help me to be in good shape because any employee ofthe hotel is its face and should look impeccably. sport gives birth to a vastarray of qualities such as aspiration to leadership and victory, diligence,firmness, persistence, self-confidence and motivation and possessing thesetraits can lead to management.

          since my elementary school i have always wanted to take the leadingposition everywhere. i have tried to take part in all school events, working inthe school.s activity and participating in concerts, russian, german, englishand latvian olympiads and sport competitions. i have been a member of the dramaclub, called .reveranss., for 5 years, having played in many performances,and as a consequence i have a broad outlook and an open mind. besides, it isreally significant for me to help to raise my school.s rating.

          you might think that everything is easily achievable for me. however,reaching any target is a toil. actually, sometimes i did not even sleep fornights to meet deadlines. for instance, last year i was working over my projectabout saint-petersburg for a week alone, but it was worth it and i won a 10-dayexcursion to this amazing city. apart from that, i have always taken a keeninterest in learning languages and studying new topics. as a result, thelanguage is not a setback for me due to school.s rigorous syllabus in teachingenglish. in addition, i am very punctual. punctuality is a relevant quality thatevery hotel manager needs. being late means disrespect and is absolutelyunacceptable in the sphere of hospitality.

          when i ask my friends and acquaintances to say something about me, theydescribe me as a sociable, industrious, creative, energetic and optimisticperson, with a good sense of humor. i appreciate meeting new people. i canlisten to them and be tolerant and tactful. what is more, i have always beenfond of studying business, economics and marketing as to understand the reasonsof the development in different countries and to become acquainted with themethods of achieving the ideal structure and analyzing the economical situationin order to find a right way to success.

          i personally believe that your university will assist me to successfullyreach my objective to become a hotel manager. i want to make my contributioninto this field. i have recently been to england and this journey helped me tomake my choice of the united kingdom as the place for studying as i consider theuk to be the place where i can obtain a high-quality education, and afterwardssuccessfully apply my knowledge to practical work. i enjoy self-education and ibelieve that this process will greatly benefit under the supervision of leadingexperts. due to all the above mentioned, i am fully confident of the fact thatentering your university will be the right step. then may be one day the poor3-star italian hotel i stayed at will become a magnificent 5-star one.


          letters of recommendation are a very important part of the application process. as colleges become more and more sought out from the increasing number of applicants each year, the need to stand out from the competition is also increasing. below we will provide helpful information on how to write a college recommendation as well as advice for tailoring each letter.

          know the candidate - it may sound obvious, but it is important that you know the candidate well. after all, how can you write a college recommendation letter for a someone you know little about? recommendations written for candidates with a vague familiarity are often identifiable and can do more harm than good.

          obtain a rsum - another tip on how to write a collage recommendation letter is to first obtain the student's rsum with a listing of his or her gpa, activities, awards, leadership roles, community service, employment experience and special skills. the more information you have about a particular candidate, the more constructive your recommendation can be.

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