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        1. 個人自我介紹模板范文6篇

          時間:2023-09-29 作者:dopmitopy 個人簡歷




          dear sir,

          i take liberty to write you in the hope that you might need someone to fill in for you . i feel that i am qualified as an administrator.

          i am currently a student at college, i have over a month more to complete before i graduate. my major is business administration.i have excellent grades in all my subjects. if you wish to look at these information it will be sent to you later.i have worked at a trading company as a secretary, but i hope to seek more responsible employment.i am 25 years old and very honest and dependable. if you need someone with my qualifications, please let me know. thank you very much for your kind attention.


          one possible version:

          i'm , a girl of sixteen, presently attending beijing yangguang middle school. i like music,especially classical music. i'm also interested in

          photography because it allows me to record the beautifulmoments in my life. through my hobbies, i've made many friends. in fact, i like meeting new people andenjoy talking with them. believing we all need help from each other, i appreciate friends' help, and i'mwilling to help anyone in need.

          i love life; i love mother nature; and i love peace. i hate any form of

          violence.i would like to join the peace & friendship summer camp since it would be a great opportunity to makefriends with young people from different countries and learn about their cultures.


          hello everyone:

          my name is cuican, a22-year-old handsome boy from honghu, hubei province. its my great honor to be here (northwestern polytechnical university) to participate in the summer camp .i am majored in mechanical engineering and automation in taiyuan university of technology .

          i have learntseveral professional basic courses , such as design of machinery , theory of machines and mechanisms , foundationmajor , of thus machine leading to my manufacturing professional technology ,through which i get a knowledge of my direction----mechanotronics. what impressed me most this semester is the design of speed reducer .i applied almost what i have learnt to this course exercise.filled with confidence , i attach great importance to self-discipline , to put my study and life in order . in my spare time , making friends is my constant persuit . i hope i can express myself to the fullest and bring my joy to others . im right here , trying to be the very person you need . thats all , thank you !


          good afternoon , professors:

          i am so glad to be here and it’s an honor for me to have this opportunity to introduce myself. my name is myh. i come from mc , lieing in the northwest of dg city. it is famous for bananas. three years ago,i graduated from the south medical university . i majored in clinical medicine. when i graduated, i took part in the civil servants examination,and later became a member of dg social security department. i take charge of medical insurance. in the reformation of medical system , we have done a lot to improve the level of medical care. now, more and more citizens have benefited from the improvement of medical insurance. i am honest,open-minded and full of passion. my friends appreciate me as a responsible and diligent person. in my spare time ,i love sprots ,reading and writing . moreover, i am a crazy literature fans. i enjoy writing poetries. in my mind, literature could makes one sounder. at the same time. i am a volunteer ,an internet volunteer. our department have found volunteer’s mail box in our official website. people could write letters to us when they have questions about medical insurance, we will answer their questions as soon as quickly in our spare time . last year ,i have written back more than 300 letters. by helping others, volunteer’s service make me happy. in my opinion, volunteer’s service is truly well worth advocating . it is a good way to improve efficiency of the whole society.

          now, i have worked for three years. with the experience of communicating with all kinds of people, i feel a need of further study . i am lack of the knowledge of public administration and humanities. and the people’s university of china has a long history ,and it is famous for it’s education of public administration and

          humanities. i am longing for having a chance to study there. i consider this chance will play an very important role in my life.

          when i entered the society ,my father told me: try your best to help others. i remember that all the time and just do it. i am tring my best to become a qualified civil servant. at the same time,i believe one sentence :you have more gifts ,you have more to give .so today ,i hope i could have more chances to futher study and to obtain more gifts. tomorrow, i hope i could have more chances to give,to help more and more people in our city or even in our country. so i am here today.thank you!








          對我是否有能力作為學生會成員這個問題相信是不用解釋了吧!下面我來簡單說一說如果我真加入了學生會以后,我的工作計劃! 在我理解,生活部的作用就是管理和豐富同學們的生活。我會組織很多的活動,比如說寢室3v3籃球賽,評選生活老師免查寢室,9點15到9點40之間的寢室廣播點歌系統,寢室規則知識競賽等等??梢耘e辦的活動還有很多很多,我也會在每一棟寢室樓中設立建議箱,征求和聽取廣大同學的意見。并加強生活部和各個部門之間的聯系,讓同學的住校生活豐富多彩。把寢室打造成同學的最最溫馨的家。把生活部的工作做得民主,豐富和精彩。






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